Vineyards With Pedigree

The Soul of the Vineyard, The Craft of Fine Winemaking

In this extraordinary valley where soils and climates are perfectly suited to Bordeaux varietals, the Schlatter family (Merryvale proprietors) and Beckstoffer family (renowned Napa Valley wine grape growers) have come together in purpose and inspiration, joining in the creation of three remarkable single-site wines.

Celebrating the unique characteristics of three pedigreed Napa Valley sites, careful consideration is paid to soil, sun exposure and microclimate before selecting varietal, rootstock, clone, trellising and canopy.

Merryvale's winemakers Sean Foster and Larry Cherubino focus first and foremost on uncompromising winemaking, capturing the essence of these sites with meticulous attention to every step from crop yield and fruit maturity to oak barrel cooperage and bottling.